Bill Who?

While most people grow out of their quirks…

I grew into mine.

For the past 29 years I have been combining: comedy, interaction and fun to create magical moments that entertain, educate, and equip audiences of all ages.

Some things must be seen to be believed. My favorite things are not believed… even after they are seen.

As imaginations ignite, your guests experience the impossible while discovering what really is possible.

As, “The Ambassador of Possibility”, It’s a privilege to see people discover a new perspective on life in an instant of magic and interaction.


“My purpose in writing and performing is to communicate the joy I experience in living.”   ~ Bill Kerwood


Come on in…

Grab the comfy chair by the fire…I hope you enjoy your visit.  Here I share thoughts on living an abundant life.  I focus on: family legacy, healthy living, effective communication, and F-U-N!  Occasionally, I’ll sway into other areas of thought.  I aim to create weekly posts that encourage & equip generationally minded people of all ages and walks of life.  If you are a parent, or ever had one, this blog is for you.


“We only reach out true potential when we think and live generationally”   ~ Bill Kerwood



Bill The Magician, circa 1991

Bill The Magician, circa 1991

I was born at a very young age to adventurously fun loving & creative parents.  Although money was tight at times, joy and laughter was always abundant.  What a gift to grow up in a joy filled home that laid context to an uncommon career path.

I have enjoyed the privilege of working in the entertainment and communications side of life since 1988. I began performing magic & illusion shows on weekends while a student at Rowan University. I took any gig that would put gas in my VW Bug and pay my tuition.  My motto was simple: I ‘ll do anything to be the next David Copperfield.   However, there is only one Mr. Copperfield.  And church basements were my biggest venue.

Before long I found myself entertaining people from all corners of the world in Atlantic City’s casinos.  I also progressively polished my presentation skills working in larger corporate events.  However, it seemed that the more “successful” the contract, the more I was expected to spend multiple days & nights away from home.  This cultural norm of the entertainment world just didn’t seem natural to me.

Since 1995, I’ve been sharing the message of generational thinking with family audiences in the mid Atlantic region.  I specialize in entertaining multiple generations in the samePResentation.

After speaking and performing across this great country, in Canada & Mexico,  There is no place I would rather be that working in the mid-Atlantic region where I can share the joys of life in a profession that I savor  while being home most every night with my family.  I have never been happier or more content.

Pre-flight fueling a 1942 Shearman.

Pre-flight fueling a 1942 Stearman.

IMG_1101 - Version 3

1928 Travel-Air







I have been married to my wife, Kristen, for 20 years. We have three children, (one of each).

In my free time, I enjoy: reading, writing,  vintage aviation, photography, sacred geometry, and most any outdoor adventure with my family.


Call me a, “Sentimental-Sappy-Old-Fart!”

But these will always be my favorite people!

My favorite people in the world!

(And posing for a picture is about as serious as we ever get.)

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(My lawyer made me write that)

In short…Let’s just live in love and be responsible for ourselves!