The Why…

Why do I do what I do?

I believe in people.
I believe in empowered people.
In all social, financial, and political climates.
I believe that empowered people can make a difference…

I have seen families do big things.
Big things over multiple generations.
Generations building on previous generations.
Few things move me more than seeing families on a mission…

Families are made of people.
I have a unique love for people.
A love for people that moves me to help them see.
To see a world where the impossible becomes the probable…

Using entertainment to attract.
Triggering emotions as momentum.
Creating subtle shifts in people’s perspectives.
Expanding their vision to what really is possible…

People laughing is magic.
Laughter is a dominant emotion.
During a genuine laugh, the present is paramount.
The past and the future are not even considerations…

Imagine future stress not existing.
While past experiences are totally masked.
Then experiencing a vivid new perspective.
Fresh possibilities with new clarity and conviction…

This potential exists in each moment of laughter.
It is a real magic moment.
This is REAL magic!

And this, my friend, is why I savor the privilege to do what I do.
I’m eager to share some magical moments with your guests.

~Bill Kerwood
Ambassador of Possibility

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