The Magic of Recycling


The Magic of Recycling


This unique comedy variety show strategically equips your community to recycle according to your communitties standards .


IMAGINE…   every child in your community becoming the recycling captain of their home. An energetic agent in every home encouraging & equipping their family to comply with your local recycling laws, effectively multiplying the overall compliance within your community.

“The Magic of Recycling” is specifically designed for students to enjoy together as they follow the journey of a piece of refuse as it is tracked along 3 common paths. They learn which is most effective in preserving our environment, their future and what they can do everyday to reinforce best practices.


But the structure of the show goes so much deeper


arrow20  Each program is strategically designed combining:  arrowleft20

  1. Visually stimulating set – builds anticipation and focus.
  2. Hilarious comedy – stimulates their imagination.
  3. Audience interaction – keeps their attention.
  4. Mnemonics – increases retention.
  5. Call & response – transfers tweet-able phrases to their mind.
  6. Accelerated learning techniques – enable the content to stick & stick fast.
  7. Impossible magic – piques their intrigue throughout the show.
  8. 250 watts of battery powered amplification- show is completely self contained.
  9. Remote music soundtrack – establishes the emotional level of the show.
  10. Each program is also tailored to your community’s recycling standards for both school & home and is guaranteed to transfer your specific communities standards on their mind.  All this while they are having a blast!

At the show’s climax the students recite the core content of the program in unison from memory. (this amazes even the teachers).  This validates to the students that they have been equipped & know the content so they can confidently & competently receive the title “Recycling Captain” of their home. That’s the magical catalyst that produces results in your community.




Entertainment + Content + Strategy = 4 Guarantees


I guarantee that each student walks out of the program:



  1. Thrilled that they went
  2. Refreshed by the comedy
  3. Equipped with your individual standards
  4. Inspired to go make the difference in their home, community & world


I’m delighted to bring “The Magic of Recycling” to your community.  I’d love to hear your thoughts & plans…  as I’m eager to share these vital results with your community.


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Scheduling Bill Kerwood is like having Jim Carey teaching the students in my community without the multi-million dollar contract!
~ Dennis DeMatte, Cumberland County Improvement Authority


This was the absolute best assembly for our age group that I have ever seen here at Hillcrest for the past 5 years! Super job on both the content and the fun way it was presented.
~ Cliff Draper, Science Specialist, Hillcrest School, Franklin Township
In one word, “WONDERFUL!”
~Stephen Berkowitz, Ed. D. Superintendent, Elmer Borough Schools
It was fabulous! Our students were mesmerized through the entire performance. It’s not often that we found someone with so much talent who can keep the kids full attention for 45 minutes!
~Melissa Price, Guidance, P.W. Carleton School, Penns Grove


Over the summer I hope to get a job picking up the trash from the street.
~Chris J.
Now I tell my mom to recycle bottles and cans and stuff like that.
~ Marci M.
I told my family to recycle. Now I really know how to take care of the environment.
~Karolina O.
Can you believe that I used to throw everything away? Not anymore!
~Stephanie H.

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√  What is the core content of the show?

The assembly tracks 3 common scenarios of litter and how it manifests.  The students learn about attitudes, habits,  practices, proactive and preventative responses.  The rubber meets the road as the group sees the ultimate advantage in closing the loop by recycling what would normally be tossed aside or thrown away.

√  Is this program Clean Communities Compliant?

It certainly is!  The show was specifically designed 18 years ago around the clean communities program objectives.  Litter Abatement and storm drain education is prominantly featured in programs finder through clean communities grants with Recycling as the optimal path for previously littered items.

√  Do you provide a study guide?

Absolutely! At your request, I will fully customize a digital study guide that reflects your community’s standards.  Each school can then forward to their list of staff for classroom activities & reinforcement.


√  What size group can you present to?

In short, Any Size!  In detail… The ideal group size is from 30-300.  The energy and progressive participation that reinforces the kid’s learning throughout the program works magic in this size range.  When a group surpasses the 300 mark, the long term retention of the material begins to wane.  All in all, I am glad to adapt to what your needs are.

√  Can we do this program outside?

Although I do a modified version of this show in outdoor settings, it is not the best setting theatrically for  a high content & retention approach for a group of students .  Inside of the 4-walls, away from endless distractions,  end result practices are effectively transfered all of your communitties standards in a way that the kids remember and are motivated to go home and implement.

√  Do you need any equipment?

In an effort to be super easy & fun to work with, the shows are entirely self-contained.  I bring everything from the backdrop, set, wireless sound & remotely cued music.  All that I request is  a theatrical space and an audience ready for some F-U-N!

√  What are your travel fees?

No travel fees…  No hidden fees… No hidden gotchas!  Everything is included in the no nonsense quote.

√  How long is your show?

The typical School assembly show is 45-minutes long.  I can present the same program from 25 minutes to an hour.  Just let me know what works best for your schedule.

√  How much time do you need to set up & pack down?

Set up is 30 minutes and pack down is 20.

√  Do you have any references that I can talk with?

Certainly.  Let me know what area you are from, and the type of performance venue that you are considering and I’ll get a list of 3 people right out to you.

√  How much does this cost?

Great question!  I have a flat fee for the first show of the day and a discounted fee for each addititonal show.  I also offer a discount for shows booked in larger blocks & multiple days.  I’m very open with my pricing and there are no added fees or abstract surprises!  Just touch base and let me know what you are looking for and I’ll get right back to you with an accurate, no-nonsense quote.

√  What grade range works best?

This program is specifically designed for grades K-5th.  There are some incredible dynamics in this age span that allow for a unique approach.   First comes the entertainment that engages them and moves them emotionally.   Once they are entertained and you have earned their trust, then & only then, can you truly educate & equip them to go make a lasting difference.  It’s a privilege to work with the potential of this age range!


√  Is the show appropriate for Preschoolers?

Yes & No.  I LOVE working with preschoolers…. If it is a group of just preschool & kindergardeners it works very well.  However if a faculty member  suggests mixing preschoolers with any group over kindergarden the retention would drop considerably for all involved.  (The timing, comedy, curriculum, & content level is totally different.)  In the long run I’m guaranteeing a result to you of  total retention by the audience which justifies your investment.  Mixing these age groups prohibits these results form being possible.

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