My Dog Brought This To My Attention, REALLY!

In my 40+ year memory of marveling at snow, I have never seen what I saw today.

On this rather routine 22-degree day, my dog snapped me out of the brisk pursuit of my to-do list.  Before long, there was no more awareness of time, temperature, the bag I was carrying or the gate that I had left wide open.  My eyes popped!  My jaw dropped…


Our dog, Moo-Moo, is no lapdog.  She’s a St. Bernard/Collie mix with a sporadic homecoming ritual.  She’ll stand by the gate eagerly waiting for my return…  Ok, so she’s really there to see if I have a treat for her.  After  inspecting for any hint of a treat she then breaks into exurbant speedy loops around the house, ending up exhausted by the time I reach the door.

White Delight!

Today, the snow was falling lightly as I approached the gate.

Now I’ve seen it snow chicken-feathers. – Large feathery bowl clusters that appear when cold flakes fall gently through warm temperatures.  Visibility is limited; accumulation is abundant!

I’ve also enjoyed the contrast of frigid snow dust.  – The temperature drops toward the teens, as the wind builds banks by the foot.

But what I experienced today was like nothing I’ve ever known to exist except: on christmas cards, in children’s books, and whisking with clouds of imagination.

First time…

As Moo-Moo greeted me at the gate with her nose in the breeze, I noticed something over her eye that stopped me in my tracks…Is that… A Star?!!  A closer look revealed many more snow stars on her back!  Then I looked to the ground…. Like a winter wonderland… Hundreds of 3mm snow stars scattered everywhere!  My eyes popped!  My jaw dropped!   As time stood still, I’m guessing that my body even forgot to blink.IMG_6743

My next memory was opening the door and calling to Kristen,  “Come fast! You’ve gotta see this.” (I don’t know why speed was necessary, but when a middle aged guy sees something this amazing for the first time he’s afraid that it might vanish just as quick, and for just as long!)

Kristen found this phenomenon very interesting, but managed to maintain more maturity compared to her husband recklesly bounding towards the camera.





IMG_6738 - Version 2



IMG_6822 - Version 3




IMG_6847 - Version 2


Continual Discovery…

Looking back on the experience, I can’t help but know (in my crazy way of thinking) that this is what Heaven will be like.  A never ending exploration of brand new sights to experience… Many that we are already familiar with but on deeper levels and in broader spectrums then our human eyes have enjoyed.  And that’s just considering our sight!  What other senses do we not even know of yet that will be commonplace, amplified, expanded, and there for our discovery?…Forever!

And how fortunate we are to get glimpses of Heaven here on earth!  It’s a beautiful life out there.  Go live it…  with your eyes wide open!

I'll never forget the day it snowed stars.

I’ll never forget the day it snowed stars.


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5 thoughts on “My Dog Brought This To My Attention, REALLY!

  1. Bill – I love your postings!!!
    Always reminding all if us to be aware of the beauty around us- and to slow down and take it all in
    I often need this reminder
    You should be writing and publishing ( if you already haven’t) keep up the great posts!!!

    • Thank you Jennifer,

      So happy that you’re enjoying the posts!
      It’s a joy to put them together. Maybe they will be published someday, but till then I’ll keep sharing the fun here.

      Thanks again for checking in.

      Blessings to your family,


  2. Hi Bill,
    I just finished reading and seeing ( I can’t believe me eyes!!!) your amazing account of snow stars/flakes gifted to you by your dog Moo-Moo. I’ve always admired you, your appreciation of life and your talent and it obviously runs in the family!!!! : ) What an extraordinary experience …. thank you for sharing such magic.
    Hope all is well with you and yours in life and work. I miss working with you, but business is not what it used to be. I have a gig here and there for my stilts and mime, but no big fun parties like used-to-be. Should any occur, I have your number and you’re at the top of my list!!! Take care, and keep sharing…..
    Fondly, Susan