December Memories… 2016


December Memories…

I vividly remember, as a child, November into December being a warm season around the fire.  We would render lard from the steer and make soft soap.  As I close my eyes, I can still smell the results in my mind.

In the old homestead days, every family had an ash-hopper or a leach barrel for making Lye.  After lining the bottom with sticks and straw, you would sweep the cooled hardwood remnants from the fireplace and add the ash in layers.

When it came time to make the lye, water would be poured into the “Pot ash”.  As the water leached through it would exit the bottom as lye.  Pouring this liquid over fresher ashes would intensify its strength.  You know the mix was just right if an egg or potato floated when placed in the lye solution.

Next, we would boil this lye and lard together in a big pot.   Scenting the mixture with shavings of sassafras root made for a most wonderful aroma.  After cooling, we would pour the soap into loaf pans and allow them to cure for ten weeks.

Oh, the memories of a childhood well lived!

Today, my family does not make soap…  But we know a family that does!   And we use no other soaps but those from Shepherds Watch Farm in Mickleton, NJ.

May your Christmas be made brighter by this bygone tradition of soap, fresh from the farm.  As you enjoy the aroma, notice how your skin is not dried out but moisturized with antioxidants.  Enjoy this experience of all pure ingredients, natural antioxidants, and with essential oil.

If you find yourself as addicted to this soap as we are….If you’d like to enjoy other varieties of homestead soap along with some of the best honey you’ve ever tasted, visit:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

And an incredible 2017,

abounding in:

Love & Laughter,

Health & Happiness.